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About myself (2)
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About myself


My name is Zakirzhan. I am a student of International Technology University. I am 17 years old. I am rather tall, thin. I am well-built, to my mind. I have an oval face with a straight nose. My eyes are rather big and brown. I have long eyelashes. My lips are neither thin nor full. My hair is dark and I have a short haircut. Nowadays it’s expensive to be smart and fashionable but I try to be well-dressed and neat. I have neither beard nor a moustache. I usually wear a pullover and dark trousers. I was born in January. I am a Capricorn. So I am serious but I couldn’t say for sure that I am quiet. First of all, I enjoy listening to loud music. I like merry companies and parties. As for my character, I am cheerful, honest, sociable. I have a sense of humor. I like jokes. I am well brought-up and have good manners. I don’t respect rude, selfish and foolish people. I hate it when people lie and can’t keep their promises. I also hate it when people interrupt others because it’s impossible to have a talk with them. I try to deal with people who are honest, polite, disciplined, who never lie and who always help in a difficult situation. I am a sportsman. I go in for track and field. Only sport can make people healthy, active, form their characters.

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