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My planes for the future
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My planes for the future

I often think about my future, how would it look like. At present I go to school. Now the most important thing is my studying. When I graduate school I will take the entrance examination to high school. But I’m not sure yet what I will study. I am thinking about economics and management – this is something that interests me. I would like to speak English perfectly. It is very important now.
I don’t know where I will live in the future. I would like to have a flat on my own and a car. I have also some plans about my family. I supposed that one day I will get married and have children. However, these are further plans.
I am thinking about traveling. I have often dreamed of taking a trip round the world. I have already been abroad. For example I was in Greece and Egypt. I would like to visit Asia, South America and Australia.

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