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Residents and Non-residents taxation in the Kazakhstan
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The taxes are a necessary part economic activity in a society from the moment of occurrence the states. Development and change of the forms of the state system always lead to transformation of tax system. Taxes – is basic sources of incomes of the state in a modern civilized society. Besides this especially financial function, taxes are used for economic influence of the state on public manufacture, its structure, and on condition of scientific and technical progress. Among economic levers, through which the state influences market economy, the important place belongs to the taxes. In conditions of market economy any state widely uses tax policy as the regulator of influence on the negative event in the market. The taxes, as well as all tax system, are the powerful tool of management of economy in terms of the market. The application of the taxes is one of economic methods of management and maintenance of interrelation of nation-wide interests with commercial interests of the businessmen and enterprises, independent from departmental subordination, patterns of ownership and legal form of the enterprise.

With the help of the taxes determined the mutual relation of the businessmen, enterprises of all forms is the properties with the state and local budgets, with banks, and also with higher-level organizations. Through the taxes the foreign trade activities are adjusted, include the attraction of the foreign investments.

The tax system in Kazakhstan is based on the Tax code enacted by the president’s Decree that has the force of Law on Taxes and other obligatory Payments to the Budget The taxes are the basic source of formation of a profitable part of the budget of Republic of Kazakhstan. Not last role in it plays the taxes from the nonresidents. According to the legislation on Kazakhstan foreign citizens - residents in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) are subject to individual income taxation on their worldwide income. Foreign citizens - nonresidents are subject to taxation only on income received from Kazakhstan sources. The following types of nonresidents’ income, among others, should be considered as received from sources in Kazakhstan:

· Income received from operations in the RK under individual labor agreements (contracts) or under other agreements of a civil-legal nature;

· Directors fees and /or other payments received by members of aboard of a resident legal entity, regardless of the place of the actual performance of their functions;

· Fringe benefits received in connection with their assignment to Kazakhstan its rates;

Payment and other conditions are regulated by the chapters 7, 10, 12, 15, 18 and other of Law on Taxes and other obligatory Payments to the Budget. Taxation of foreign citizens in the RK is also regulated by Conventions (agreements) on the avoidance of double taxation. In case there is a Tax Convention signed between Kazakhstan and the other foreign state, which may be applicable to a foreign employee, then the status of residency is determined in compliance with this Convention. The Tax Conventions do not regulate procedure of filing and regularity of tax payments. However, based on the status of residency of a foreign employee determined by the Tax Conventions specific reporting and taxation requirements stipulated by the Kazakhstan tax legislation should be fulfilled with respect to residents or nonresidents in the RK. In case the foreign employee is a resident of the other foreign state, then he/she should be considered as a nonresident for taxation purposes in Kazakhstan. In this case the foreign employee should file a Certificate on the Estimated Personal In-come Tax and pay personal income tax through the monthly transfer of advance payments. In case a foreign employee is considered as a resident of Kazakhstan, then the statutory rules do not contemplate filing of the Certificate on the Estimated Personal Income Tax and contemplate in-come tax payment once a year at the time of filing the income tax return from an individual for a year.
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