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Gardening in England
22.11.2014, 12:39

The theme of the lesson: ``Gardening in England``
The date: The Lesson: Unit 6 st 3
The aims:
Educational: Children will be able to take information about English people`s gardening-
Developing: children will be able to develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing-
Bringing-up: children will be able to love to work in the garden, they will try to plant own flowers-
The Subject intercourse: Biology Main Literature: Ayapova T.T.
The Visual and technical aids: The slide, the song
1.Organization moment. Hello boys and girls!How are you?Who`s on duty today?Who`s absent today?What date is it today?What day is it today?
3.Main part.a)checking up the homework
b) Presentation

Plant [pla:nt],v –отырғызу

Water [wo:tә],v – су құю,суару

whitewash [waitwoS],v-ақтау,ағарту

Prune [pru:n],v- кесу,бұтау
2 task Let`s read the dialogue
The mother was watering the flowers.
The sister was whitewashing the trees

The brother was pruning the dead branches.

The father was planting trees.

True (T) or false (F)
 A) Mike phoned Omar yesterday.
cool Omar and his family were in the garden.
 C) Omar`s father was planting flowers.
 D) His mother was planting trees.
 E) Asel was whitewashing the gate.
 F)Omar was pruning dead branches.
 G)Omar enjoys working in the garden.
Warming-up. Let`s sing a song.
The work with the text.
England is famous for its gardens and most people like gardening . Flower shows and vegetable shows are popular in England . At these shows gardeners get prizes for the most beautiful flowers and the biggest vegetables . The process of growing plants in more important to a lot of gardeners than looking at flowers or eating vegetables.

The shows of flowers and vegetables

Write the words in the right column, check them and read

[a: ] [Ә] [εӘ] [dz] [η]

Questions S1 S2 S3
a) Do you have a garden ?
b) Do you often work in the garden?
c) Do you plant trees every year?
d) Do you have fruit – trees and flowers in your garden?
e)Do you enjoy working in the garden?
f) Do you want to be a gardener?

4.Homework Ex.15 p 107
5.Assessment To give them marks by their work.

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