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Global questions of ecological problems
22.11.2014, 12:55
Theme of the lesson:
“Global questions of ecological problems.”
The aims of the lesson:
I. Educational
1) Mastering of lexics and use it in spech.
2) Revise already studied material on the theme “Ecology”
II. Developing
1) To develop students skills and habits in monologue (dialogic speech) throught asking, answering questions, learning, making up of different conversations.
2) To develop students speaking habits.
III. Bringing up.
1) To teach the students to be patriots.
2) To teach the students to take care of our environment.
IV. Practical
1) To be able to talk about ecological problems.
The form of the lesson: non – traditional.
The type of the lesson: lesson conference.
The visual aids- Pictures on the theme Environment, cards, interactive board, badges.

I. The procedure of the lesson.
1) Phonetic drill “ The Earth is in danger”
2) Revision of the words on the theme.”Ecology” and Environment. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, litter, rubbish, nuclear, chemical, industrial wastes.

II. Press Conference
The participants of our Conference are ecologists , journalists , defenders of the environment.
Journalists will ask questions, ecologists and defenders will answer.
1 question: What does the word ecology mean?
2 question: Are polluted air, land, water harmful to people, animals and plants?
3 question: What about the problem of water in our Region?
4 question: What can you say about nuclear poligon which, existed in the territory of Semey region? And what can we do to ptotect our lives from radiation?
5 question: How do you think about solving the problem of stray dogs?
6 question: What kind of things can be recycled? What should we do to clean our soil?
7 question: What is the ecological situation and the sequences of the flood in the South of Kazakhstan?

III. Conclusion.
We must think globally, but act locally! Save our environment! Plant trees! Protect animals! Don’t cut forests! Feed birds in winter and help them survive in the cold! Taka care of your town!

IV. Consolidation of the lesson.
T: The lesson is over, Good - bye!

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