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Открытый урок в 3-м классе по теме daily life
22.11.2014, 12:40

Цель:Обобщение материала по теме «Daily life»,.Задачи:1) повторить и отработать лексический материал2)повторить и закрепить в упражнениях образование Present simple и Present Continuous3) работа с текстом (выборочное чтение)Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор.I GreetingGood morning children! I’m glad to see you at our lesson! Sit down please. Today we are to speak about our daily life.II Warm upListen to the song “What Do You Do at This Time?” Read and learn to sing it.INow it’s six o’clock,Six o’clock, six o’clock.Now it’s six o’clockAnd what do you do at six o’clock?I get up.IINow it’s seven o’clock,Seven o’clock, seven o’clockNow it’s seven o’clockAnd what do you do at seven o’clock?I do exercises.IIINow it’s eight o’clock,Eight o’clock, eight o’clockNow it’s eight o’clockAnd what do you do at eight o’clock?I take a shower.III Vocabulary worka) Look at the blackboard, here you can see the words with the missed letters. Go to the blackboard and insert missed letters.cl_an t_ethg_t _pd_ _xercis_sd_ h_mew_rkg_ to s_hoolt_ke a sh_wergo t_ b_dw_sh h_ndswat_h TVh_ve l_nc_Well, let’s drill these words.b) Match themdo  breakfasthave  to bedclean  upwash  footballwatch  homeworkgo  teethread  TVplay  faceget  booksGo to the blackboard and match.c) CrosswordLook at the blackboard, here you can see the crossword. Guess and write the words. You have got the cards with this crossword. At first you will do this exercises in your cards and then we’ll check it all together.IV GrammarWell. You are very active. А теперь мы с вами повторим 2 грамматических времени Present Simple , Present Continuous и закрепим их в упражненияхLook at the pictures and say what you usually do in the morning.(in the afternoon, in the evening)P: I usually get up at seven o’clock in the morning. etc.V ФизминуткаStand up, please. Listen to me .do exercises (Антон комментирует)Well and now say what we are doing now.We are doing exercises. I am jumping now.VI Продолжение работыМы говорили о тех действиях , которые мы совершаем обычно, употребляя при этом Present Simple. Но на последних двух уроках мы отрабатывали Present Continuous.1) что означает это время, 2) как оно образуется,3) указатели этого времени.VI H/tNow we’ll read the text at p.68 ex.8But before open your record-books and write down your h/t p.68 ex.9VII ReadingFlop Who is it?Guess. Is it a bird? No, it isn’t. etc.1)Open your books and find the sentences which describe Flop and his friends.2) find the sentences in Present Continuous and read them aloud.VIII ResultYou were very active and attentive. Thank you for your work. Your marks… The lesson is over. Goodbye

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