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The abc party”
22.11.2014, 12:58
Ход мероприятия
Праздник английского алфавита. Участвуют все первоклассники.
Вступление. Незнайка: (поет песенку в разброс А В С A N C D M F Почему все буковки от меня отворачиваются? B S P I Y C etc.

Teacher: Good morning all of you! Today we have a guest. Do you know him?
Pupils: Yes
Teacher: Who is it?
Pupils: Don’t know.
Teacher: He doesn’t know the letters. Let’s help him. I wonder where the 1-st letter is.
Stand one by one.

The letter *A*: A-is for animals.
I love squirrels, cats and rabbits.
And their little habits.

The letter *B*: B-is for bird.
Coming hop, hop, hop
So I cried” Little bird!
Will you stop, stop, stop?”

The letter *C*: C-is for cat. The letter *D*: D-is for dog.
This is my grey cat. My dog has four legs.
And she is fat. My dog likes to run.
I like my cat. I like to run, too.

The letter *E*: E-is for English. The letter *F*: F-is for flowers
I have a hobby, too. Flowers here, flowers there.
English is my hobby. Flowers are growing everywhere
It’s fun for me and you.

The letter *H*: H-is for hare. The letter *I*: I-is for ice cream.
I have got a hare. I scream,
I’ve got a bear. You scream,
My toys are here. We all scream.
My toys are there. For ice cream.

The letter *J*: J-is for jam.
Jam is nice.
Jam is sweet.
This is what
I like to eat.

The letter *K*: K-is for kitten.
Kittens like to play,
Kittens like to run,
Kittens like to jump,
It’s so much fun.

The letter *L*: L-is for lamb. The letter *M*: M- is for mouse.
Little lamb, little lamb. Little mouse, little mouse.
Mary had a little lamb, Where is your house?
Who grew, and grew, grew. Little cat, little cat,
This is my flat.

The letter *N*: N-is for numbers. The letter *O*: O-is for orange.
One banana, two bananas, This is orange,
Three bananas, four. My fox is orange
Five bananas, six bananas, And so is my flute.
Seven bananas, more.

The letter *P*: P-is for pet. The letter *Q*: Q-is for queen.
Pussy cat, Pussy cat, I’m Queen.
Where have you been? My name is Alice.
I have been to London I’m beautiful
To look at the Queen. And live in a palace.

The letter *R*: R- is for rain, too. The letter *S*: - Is for star.
Rain, rain, and go away. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Come again another day. How I wonder what you are!
Little children want to play. Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.

The letter *T*: T -is for teddy bear. The letter *U*: U -is for umbrella.
Teddy bear, teddy bear, This is my umbrella.
Turn around. When the sky is grey,
Teddy bear, teddy bear, I can go for a walk
Touch the ground. On a rainy day.

The letter *V*: V -is for victory.
Is Victory Day.
We sing and play
On this happy day.

The letter *W* Why, Willy, Why?
W-is for what, where and why.
Why do you cry, Willy?
Why do you cry?
Why, Willy, Why Willy?

The letter *X* X- is in six, fox and box.
I see a red fox
In a little box.
The letter *Y* Y-is for yard.
This is the yard,
Hide and seek we like to play.
Oh, it’s fun. Oh it’s fun.
Leap-frog is a game, too.
Oh, it’s fun. Oh it’s fun.

The letter *Z* Z-is for Zoo.
Let’s go to the Zoo.
We’ll see many animals
And many birds, too.

Don’t know: I know the letters, and now let’s sing the song about you, letters.
T U V W X Y Z.

Don’t know: Thank you letters! Its pity, but our lesson is over!
It was great pleasure to work with you.
Good bye, dear guests and letters.
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