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Урок английского языка в 5 классе по теме "animals"
22.11.2014, 13:02
The theme: “Animals”
Grade: 5

Aim: to repeat and consolidate passed lexical and grammatical material on the theme “Animals”
Objectives: 1) Educational: students practice in applying the studied lexical units and lexical and grammatical structures in speech situation-
2) Developing: to develop reading skills, skills in oral speech, attention-
3) Up-brining: the formation of stable motivation to learn English, nature the ability to work in groups
Type of the lesson: lesson-competition
Methods: work in two groups, individual
Visual aids: Interactive Boards, cards, pictures

The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
Good afternoon, children! I am glad to see you. Are you ready? Sit down. Today we have a special lesson. It is a game – competition.
How are you today?
What day is it today?
Today is … .
What day of the week is it today?
It’s Friday today
What is your favourite animal?
Today you will ask questions, solve riddles and play games!
I want you to divide into two groups.
Well, teams, you have some time to choose the captain and decide how to present your team.

II. Phonetic exercise
[æ] a cat, a camel, a rabbit, a jaguar, an animal, a parrot
[a] a banana, a giraffe, a cow
[ɔ ] a fox, a dog, a cock, a crocodile, a frog
[ ʌ ] a duck, a monkey, a nut, a honey
[ i ] a pig, a chicken, domestic, a zebra, an elephant, a squirrel
III. Game-competition:
1st round:
Read the names of animals and divide them into two groups:
Wild animals: a lion, a tiger, a jaguar, an elephant, a monkey, a bear, a camel
Domestic animals: a dog, a cat, a horse, a cow, a hen, a pig, a sheep
2nd round:
Write the names of:
1) Animals which lags eggs (a hen, a goose, a duck)
2) Animals which produce milk ( a cow, a sheep, a horse, a goat)
3) Animals which people keep as a pets (a cat, a dog, a parrot)
4) Animals which eat other animals (a tiger, a lion, a jaguar)

3rd round: Listen an show the pictures (Из каждой команды выходит по одному ученику. Учитель читает предложение, а учащиеся должны найти на картинке то животное, которое они услышали в предложении и поднять картинку)
1. I have got a rabbit. His name is Bunny.
2. Cats are funny.
3. Lions like meat.
4. A dog is a good friend.
5. There are a lot of pigs on this farm.
6. Crocodiles are green.
7. Wolves are dangerous.
8. An elephant is a big animal.
9. A giraffe is a tall animal.
10. Horses are smart animals.
11. The largest fish in the world is a whale.
12. I am afraid of foxes.
13. I like washing monkeys in the zoo.
14. I like watching new facts about tigers.
4th round: Make a word
Act-cat, odg-dof, ipg-pig, ehn-hen, woc-cow, melca-camel, bitrab-rabbit, osego-goose, gerti-tiger, keymon-monkey, eepsh-sheep, kenchic-chicken
5th round. Complete the sentences using some, any
1) Rabbit eats…cabbage.(some)
2) The cow says: “Would you like …milk?(some)
3) There isn’t ….apples(any)
4) Are there… oranges?(any)
5) Put… butter on the toast.(some)
6) I don’t like… cheese.
6th round. The animals make different sounds. What sounds do tigers (monkeys, parrots, elephants) make?
What sounds do tigers make ?
What sounds do monkeys make?
What sounds do pigs make?
What sounds do cats make?
What sounds do dogs make?
What sounds do horse make?

7th round. Riddles. Now listen to my riddles about animals and try to guess
1) Летом гуляет
Зимой отдыхает, who is it?
A bear.
2) Не человек, а говорит, who is it?
A parrot.
3) Не король, а в короне, не гусар, а при шпорах,
На часы не глядит, а время знает, who is it?
A cock.
4) Мохнатенькая, полосатенькая, молоко пьет, песенки поёт, who is it?
A cat.
5) С хозяином дружит, дом сторожит, живет под крылечком, хвост колечком, who is it?
A dog.
6) У этого зверя огромный рост, сзади у зверя - маленький хвост. Спереди у зверя - хвост большой. Кто же это? Кто же это? Кто такой? Ну, конечно, это он! Ну, конечно, это: who is it?
An elephant.
7) Выпуча глаза сидит
По-французски говорит,
По-блошьи прыгает
По-человечьи плавает, who is it?
A frog.
8) Who was the longest neck?
A giraffe.
9) It lives in Australia
It has got a pouch on its stomach.
It carries its baby in the porch,
Its tail is very strong
It can jump up to 26 feet, who is it?
A kangaroo.
10) С ветки прыгает на ветку
Ест бананы, сладости,
К общей нашей радости, who is it?
A monkey.
11) Кто зимой холодный,
Ходит злой голодный? Who is it?
A wolf.
12) Что за коняшки -
На всех тельняшки. Who s it?
A zebra.

Физкультминутка. Песенка «If you happy and you know it»

8th round
Pat's black cat is in Pat's black hat.
A girl sees six big grey geese

9th round. Read and translate what animals say.

I’m an elephant. I like fruit, but I don’t eat meat.
I’m a tiger. I can run, I like eat meat.
I’m a frog. I can hop, I’m green
I’m a monkey. I like bananas, I can jump
IV.Conclusion of the competition.
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