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24.09.2015, 12:01
Out - of - class work on English - a component of educational work on a foreign language.
Purposes of the organization of out - of - class work on a foreign language:
The educational:
1. Increase of interest to a subject and positive motivation to learning of foreign language;
2. expansion of an outlook of pupils;
3. creation of additional conditions for speech communication of pupils out of a lesson;
4. development pronunciation and speech skills, skills of reading and audition;
5. development of intersubject communications.
The educational:
1. Development of creative abilities of pupils with different level of preparation;
2. education of respect for culture of the country of learned language;
The developing:
1. Formation and development of educational and intellectual skills (abstraction, comparison, analysis, synthesis, logic);
2. development of memory, attention, imagination, observation;
- Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! We are very glad to see you. Today we’ll visit a magical world of nature… Welcome!

Spring: I am Spring. People call me the season of hope and happiness.
Story - teller: One day the flowers meet in the forest. They decide when to come to the gardens and fields.
Queen of Flowers: My dear flowers! Spring is here. When are you coming to the gardens and fields?
Flowers: We are coming, we are coming!
Queen of Flowers: Who is coming first?
Snowdrop: I am the first to come. I come when the snow is on the ground. I have a white dress. My name is Snowdrop. Don't you think I am pretty?
Violet: And I come next. I don't like snow. It is cold when the snow is on the ground. I like warm days. My dress is violet. And now you surely know that I am the violet.
Lily - of - the - Valley: My name is Lily - of - the - Valley. I hope you all like my small white bells.
Daffodil: I come next. I am yellow like the sun. I like to dance in the wind. My name is Daffodil.
Buttercup: I am the last who comes in spring. I have a pretty yellow dress too. My name is Buttercup.
Queen of Flowers: Here comes Summer.
Summer: I am the hottest season of the year. The sun shines brightly; green grass and flowers are every¬where.
Queen of Flowers: Who are Summer's flowers?
Bluebell: I am the flower of summer. I am the Bluebell. I am blue like the sky and my dress looks like a bell.
Cornflower: Blue is my color too. I grow in the corn and make the fields beautiful. My name is Cornflower.
Sunflower: And I am like the golden sun. You can find me in the fields as well. My name is Sunflower.
Poppy: I come in Summer too. My name is Poppy. I have two dresses – red and yellow.
Rose: All of you know me very well and like my sweet smell. Can't you guess who I am? Yes, of course, you can. I am the Rose. I have many pretty dresses – yellow, pink and white. I come when the sun is hot. Then I smell lovely and you know that I am here.
Queen of Flowers: Thank you, dear flowers. Now you know when to come. So go to the fields and gardens and make them beautiful. Goodbye!
Flowers: Goodbye!
Story - teller: Autumn comes!
Autumn: I come after Summer, when days become cool. I bring fruit, vegetables and corn, and turn the leaves red, yellow and brown. Everything looks so beautiful in its colorful dress. Many birds fly to the South. The rain begins. One day you get up and see that your village is all covered with snow.
Story - teller: After beautiful autumn comes winter.
Winter: I’m the coldest season of the year. When I come, all the rivers and lakes are frozen. Snowflakes dance in the air.
Story - teller: See the pretty snowflakes, falling from the sky, on the walls and housetops soft and thick they lie.
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