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The ABC party
24.09.2015, 12:32
The ABC party
T: Good morning dear pupils, teachers and guests!
P: Good morning, good morning
Good morning to you
Good morning, good morning
We are glad to see you!
T: We have a holiday today, the ABC party.
We shall sing, we shall dance,
We shall read and speak at once!
You know all letters well
You can read them and spell!
Can you read?
Can you write?
Can you sing?
Do you know the ABC? How many letters in the English alphabet?
P: there are 26
A is for Apples
and Apple - trees
You can see apples on apple - trees
B is for Books
and for Bookcase.
I have many books
in my bookcase
C is for Cat.
My cat is grey,
And with me
it likes to play
D is for Dog
And for Doggy
I hvae a dog,
not a doggy

E is for Eight
and for eleven
How much is
8 and 11?

F is for Flowers:
red and blue,
White and yellow
and rosy, too.
G is for Girl, and also for Garden
I see a girl going to the garden.

H is for Hand.
I have two hands.
This is the way
I clap my hands

I is for I.
I’m a boy, and I’m ten.
I like to play with my brother Ben.

J is for Jam.
This is apple jam.
Jimmy likes it,
and so does Sam

K is for Kite.
Kate has a kite.
It is little,
and it is not white.

L is for Letter.
This letter is for me.
It is from my sister, as you can see.

M is for May
and May Day,
For March and for Mother’s Day.

N is for Nine, Ninety and Ninety - nine.
Children, how much is ninety and nine?
O is for One.
One and two are three.
Three little cats
in a tree.

P is for Pencils.
With them I can draw:
A red pen, a green tree
or a blue door.

Q is for Questions: How are you?
How old are you? And How do you do?
R is for Red.
Many things are red.
What can be red?
Do you know, Fred?

S is for Street.
This is my street.
There are a lot of trees in my street

T is for Tick and for Tock.
“Tick - tock”, says the clock

U is for Under,
but not for At.
“I’m under the tree”, says Pat.

V is in Five
And also in seven
It is in Twelve
and in Eleven

W is for Where,
When. Why and What
Who is in the garden?
And Who is not?

X is in Six.
Let’s count up to six!
one, two, three,
four, five, six!

Y is for a Yard
where children play.
They play in the yard every day.

Z is for the Zoo. Let’s go to the Zoo.
I like to go to the Zoo. And you?
T: Let’s sing the alphabet song
XYZ Oh, well you see
Now I know the ABC.
Dance “A Gummy Bear”
Saparbaev Aidos [sing a song] “One, two, three, four, five”
Nauryzbek [sing a song] “My Bonnie ”
Pupils: [sing a song] “If you happy…”
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